UNDER 10 and UNDER 12

JINJI TENNIS also provides serious opportunity for students. We operate as a scouting agency that is searching for tennis players of all ages and provide a path for students who may follow it all the way to the professional level.
Students from all over the world Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea can have access to our proud network of international tennis academies that extends
to areas such as Australia, Israel, Japan, Serbia, and Spain.

Tennis & Education

Jinji Tennis Singapore aims to give children a chance to try a new sport and create a platform for self-expression & education. Through tennis, we train the children's mindset and instill values of courtesy, discipline and leadership while letting them learn a lifetime skill.
In addition, the children acquires social skills, self-esteem and the ability to set and accomplish goals.

Customized Programs

1. Jinji Tennis uses the ITF Progression Method to teach tennis, designed to be constructive and fun all at once. 2. During the first stage, RED 1, the kids will discover tennis terms, develop motor skills and learn the tennis basics of forehand, backhand, basic serve, and volley. 3. At the end of the term all students will be tested for a RED 1 tennis certificate. 4.Each child at the first class will receive a letter for their parents that will explain our teaching system.

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Junior Private Lessons

Lesson Type Duration (Minutes) Fee per pax/lesson (SGD)
Private (One-on-One) 60
Semi Private (2 Juniors) 60
Group (2-3 Juniors) 60

Location Orange Grove Road

Ladies Tennis Drill

Lesson Type Tennis Level Day/Time Fees
Ladies Workout PTR 2.0 ( Beginner ) Monday & Wednesday from 9:00-10:00 am 200 SG$ / x 5 Lessons .
Ladies Workout PTR 2.5 (Advance – Beginner ) Monday & Wednesday from 10:00- 11:00 am 200 SG$ / x 5 Lessons

Come and join us for Ladies Tennis Drill @ Orange grove road . All of our programs are design by the PTR & WTA . The main goal of this program is mainly social and fun .
This  program will is  divided in to  2 levels
2.0 ( beginner ) every Monday & Wednesday from 9:00-10:00 am
2.5 ( advance - beginner  ) every monday & Wednesday from 10:00-11:00 am
- Each member will buy x 5 lessons in advance .
- in days of raining we will not have the class .( of course no paymnet will be charge )
- The class is limited for 6 players only .
- the course cost 200 Sg$