Tennis Lessons for the Japanese community in Singapore


Land marks in Singapore

below is the list of all the land marks in Singapore , need to reserve to visit . Singapore City Hall Marina Bay Sands Casino Raffles Place Suntec Singapore Bugis Street Shopping District Gardens by the Bay Singapore Botanic Gardens Siloso Beach Singapore Expo Suntec City Marina Bay Sands Sky park ... More

Top 10 – best budget hotels in Singapore

Marina Bay, Singapore, Singapore Marina Bay Home to flashy Singapore development projects, Marina Bay is a gleaming world of high-rises – many offer sweeping roof-top city views – futuristic gardens, and tourist appeal. At night the area sparkles as twinkly skyline lights reflect on the calm marina shores, lasers ... More

Singapore family friendly country

Singapore's safe streets, compact center, and multicultural atmosphere make it an ideal family-friendly destination. All the city's main attractions are within easy reach, from the lively neighborhoods of Little India and Chinatown to the ultra-modern entertainments along the waterfront. When you've had enough urban ... More

Why You Should Take Up Tennis as a Hobby ?

    Tennis is the best sport for ladies and man . It’s easy to play, it’s immensely fun, and it’s great for your health. While competitive tennis certainly isn’t for the fainthearted, playing tennis as a hobby is a great way to improve your psychological and physical health. we like  to ... More

What is the Best Age to Start Playing Tennis?

  What is the BestAge to Start Playing Tennis? We often receive emails from parents who ask us about an advice concerning their child’s tennis development. the best age to start is 4 years old i will try to share my view on this matter . as a coach we strive to share the passion ,  enjoyment and skill ... More

Under 10 & under 12 in Singapore

Customized Programs for three different age groups Program Schedule Class Size Fee (SGD)* Age 4 – 6 – Under 6 Program Every Saturday 10:00-10:45 am Max. 6 Students 32/lesson Age 6 – 10- Under 10 Program Every Saturday 11:00-12:00 Max. 6 Students 32/lesson... More

why tennis is the best sport for kids ?

10 Reasons Why Tennis is the Best Sport Sports are great for so many different reasons. They all (well most) offer great workouts, competition, camaraderie, and fun. But what sport is the best? Well tennis is, of course! Here are our top 10 reasons why tennis is the best sport.     1. Minimal ... More

Under 10 tennis lessons in Singapore

 10 and Under Into The Swing of Tennis Tennis is often overlooked as a good sport for children who may be busy with the more popular children’s pastimes of soccer and softball. But, tennis has great benefits for children and can be a nice complement to sports children already play and love. With no team ... More

Tennis – Education

Print Tennis & Children Increasing numbers of children are becoming involved in competitive and recreational tennis at an earlier age Children as young as four or five years of age participate, with some taking part in year-round practice and competition. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) ... More